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Bureau Europa, Oase, September 2023
Coda museum, Gedeelde verhalen, March – June 2023
Essay edition # 32, Muda at Alex51gallerY, March – April 2023
Even odd, an artist initiave M_RAM Foundation, April 2022
Embracing Exchange, June 2019
Atelier Néerlandais, ‘Cherry tomato pony rider, Paris, France, September 2015
France Mindmap, May – October 2012
Schunck*, Salon Parkstad, January 2012
Headlines, Schunck*, August 2011
Quatro lifestyle magazine, Spring 2011
Schunck*, Salon Parkstad, January 2010
CMAG, Magazine international de la culture Citroën, May 2009
Étapes, French magazine for graphisme, design and création, September 2007
Items, Dutch magazine for design and imagination, June 2007
Print, America’s Graphic Design Magazine, March – April 1999
Book, German Prize for Communications Design, 1995 -1996

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